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420 Estates is a specialized Real Estate Firm dedicated to helping the cannibis industry grow, by facilitating the heart of the industry; the growers. As the demand for cannibis continues to grow, as will the required land to cultivate the crops.

At 420 Estates, we specialize in not only helping the large commercial growers identify and acquire their need specific property, but also ensuring the success of the craft growers alike. It is anticipated that California will become the capital of the marijuana industry, and while the maket is assured to be flooded with “standard” product, branded craft product will become a growing commodity. We are here to help both sides of the business make strategic business decisions for long term prosperity.


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This property has a 22,000 sq ft building with a water tight concrete drainable floor installed. The floor also has sub heating.

200 amp panel for this building and power is upgradeable to 1600 amp power

Easy access off Hwy 299

12 GPM permitted well

18,000 gallons of water storage

Property has an off grid studio with compost toilet

Great south facing land with views

Blue Lake – Humboldt County 5 acre property with a 13,000 sq ft cultivation permit – 2,000 of the permit is for mixed light – $799,000, Humboldt County
5 acres
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At the heart of Humboldt County near Arcata sits this beautiful Cannabis cultivation property, with a 44,000 sq ft mixed light permit. If you would like to walk into a turn key situation, so that you can begin profit right away, this is a great property.

This property has the following ~

2bd/2bth 1600 sq ft home

Several 3,000 gallon water tanks

Two 60 X 400 sq ft hoop houses

200 amp panel and a 100 amp panel to drying structure on property

Experienced operator/grower should be able to do a 1,000 pounds per harvest, with up to two harvests.

Lease tenant is responsible for paying the Humboldt County cultivation canopy taxes – Outdoor grows $1 per sq ft. Property has a 44,000 sq ft mixed light permit and the taxes are split into two payments a year.

ARCATA 10 ACRES – FOR LEASE OR LEASE OPTION PURCHASE – 44,000 sq ft mixed light permit, Humboldt County
10 acres
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This turn key property has a 45,000 sq ft mixed light permit – owners have been growing with outdoor gardens

The property operates with diesel generator power and a power pole is 100 ft from the property line, should a new owner want to bring in power

Outdoor grow and nursery (growing mother’s and clones) garden is all built out.

There are 2 buildings on property ~

20 x 40 cabin with one open room

14 x 14 studio cabin

One foundation for another 14 x 14 cabin

Owner projects that 1600 pounds can be cultivated from one harvest on the property.

1600 pounds at $1,000 per lb on a conservative projection, then yields a gross profit of $1,600,000

He has been growing strains like Blue Dream, Snow Cap and Gorilla Glue

Owner has $100,000 in new soil at the property

The property has great access of Hwy 299 and the road is well maintained

There is a creek and a well on the property.

Septic is installed on property as well.

Willow Creek Cannabis Farm – Turn Key with 45,000 sq ft cultivation permit – Easy Access from Hwy 101 – $899,000, Humboldt County
50 acres

“Los Angeles will become the marijuana capital.”

Forbes Magizine


420 Estates is the premier real estate and strategic business resource provider for the cannabis industry. We pride ourselves in making available to our clients the necessary insight, property, and resources to be successful in growing their business. As more states become green, the demand for viable agricultural land will increase. Because of our understanding of the marijuana industry, our team of experts assists our clients in acquiring both short term and long term assets while making well-informed decisions about their business strategy.


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