Dana Wallace 

Featured in CNBC's The Profit with Marcus Lemonis and Top 100 Realtor Magazine.


420estates was built to encompass all things related to cannabis businesses/licensing & real estate. With years of experience behind her, Dana Wallace has been able to build a team of trusted resources in the cannabis industry consisting of cannabis entrepreneurs, real estate professionals, cannabis compliance attorneys and advisors and cannabis accountants who not only have close ties within the cannabis community, but understand the diverse complexity in each company's internal structure. 

Her clientele varies from seasoned industry entrepreneurs to new investors looking to become involved in this burgeoning industry. 420 Estates takes pride in providing personabe and integrity driven approaches to the many different cannabis businesses in the industry. We all know the burdens that the newly regulated cannabis industry has placed on all of our cannabis professionals who are overcoming obstacle after obstacle to be compliant and trust and transparency in business relationships is Dana Wallace's number one priority for her client's.  It doesn't end with the real estate or business transaction, she wants to be able to provide resources and help in any area her client's may need in an ongoing business relationship to make sure they see the success of their cannabis business vision. 

420 Estates's founder, Dana Wallace, has been in real estate for over 19 years. Her forward thinking and longing to break away from a corporate atmosphere, led Dana to a career specializing in legally complaint cannabis properties. Dana's savvy approach to cannabis led her into a featured spot in CNBC's documentary with Marcus Lemonis from The Profit  in a documentary featuring Humboldt's changing landscape called "Marijuana Country."  She has also been featured in different media platforms and podcast interviews regarding her work in Cannabis Real Estate. 

Her persistence to grow within the industry has led her to form close connections within the cannabis community. Her creative approach enables her to provide reliable resources for businesses in the cannabis industry. 

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 Mendocino County, CA


*Turn key farms available with both local and state license.  Right off Hwy 101.

*Warehouse with amazing location on large lot. Fully licensed for retail, cultivation, manufacturing & distribution! Retail is being completed now.  Don't miss this opportunity!

*Properties eligible for cannabis licensing. 


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           San Luis Obispo, CA


 *Property eligible for 3 acres of outdoor grow, plus 22,000 sq ft of indoor. Pre Approval Check List was done & County has given verbal approval to move forward with use permit.  


*Amazing flat meadows


* Solar Power

*Well on property with pump & filter. 9GPM

$275,000 - centrally located


20 mins from all the beach towns

Your cannabis opportunity is waiting!



 Lake County, CA

*Amazing Cannabis Opportunities.  

For every 20 acres, you can have 1 acre of outdoor or 1/2 acre of mixed light. 

For example, if you have 100 acres, you can get 5 acres of outdoor or 2.5 acres of mixed light. 

Call me today for details on purchase or lease options in Lake County!

  Cannabis is her cup of tea