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420 Estates is a specialized Real Estate Firm dedicated to helping the cannibis industry grow, by facilitating the heart of the industry; the growers. As the demand for cannibis continues to grow, as will the required land to cultivate the crops.

At 420 Estates, we specialize in not only helping the large commercial growers identify and acquire their need specific property, but also ensuring the success of the craft growers alike. It is anticipated that California will become the capital of the marijuana industry, and while the maket is assured to be flooded with “standard” product, branded craft product will become a growing commodity. We are here to help both sides of the business make strategic business decisions for long term prosperity.


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If you are an investor looking in the Fresno County area, who would like to obtain a property that will be granted permits before the close of escrow, this is a great deal to explore. The team who has this property under contract is experienced in obtaining properties and then applying for the permits, so that you walk into a legal compliant situation. The property can be sold outright or your group can partner with the seller’s and do the build out. Customize the property to your wants/needs – greenhouse or steel structures. Volatile manufacturing is allowed in this City as well.

This is an industrial property with 7.81 acres – 3 contiguous parcels. The team was able to get this under contract for a reasonable market price of $211,267 per acre. Project is partially already developed with curbs, gutters, sewer & wet utilities in place. Dry utilities are in progess w/the city & PG&E.

These 3 parcels are estimated to allow 160,000 to 1800,000 sq feet of cultivation with either a building or greenhouse structure. Setbacks are compliant for this property and it is ready for development.

Unique Sale of Land for Development with Cannabis Cultivation Permits in process and granted by Close of Escrow – Fresno County, Fresno County
310888 sq ft acres
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This 40 acre Cannabis property overlooks Mendocino Lake with gorgeous views. 1600 sq ft 2bd/2bth home with pool. Campsite for growers and trimmers during harvest time. Two trailers, one of which is a bathroom trailer with shower and two sinks. The permit for cultivation has been granted and interim state permit has been approved. State regulations will now allow for 1 acre of cultivation on this property.

There is a two story 10,000 sq ft building, used for drying/trimming with industrial kitchen. A detached garage is also on the property. Water is ample and the water board has signed off on the property with their approval. The watering system is automated, making this property easily operated by a one to two person crew.

One 2500 sq ft mixed light greenhouse being operated with a light dep tarp, although the lights are installed for mixed light and a 350 plant outdoor grow is currently in operation.

Currently with one greenhouse, the operator is doing 100lbs a harvest, with 4 harvests, so that’s $400,000 gross. With the outdoor operation, you can pull in one harvest currently. However, the permit is for mixed light. The mixed light permit will allow 3 more mixed light greenhouses to be placed on the property in the outdoor area. This will allow $1,600,000 in gross profits from 4 harvests. Operators vary in their harvest potentials and so this number can definitely be improved upon.

Call me for additional details.

Mendocino County Cannabis Property – County Permit in hand & Interim State Permit Approved!, Mendocino County
40 acres
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Turn key property on a beautiful 50 plus acre parcel! Final sign off for permit approval is in progress for 10,000 sq ft of cultivation, manufacturing and distribution.

There is a 4bd/3bth custom home that could serve as a possible Bud n Breakfast. Beautiful italian tile, high end wooden doors, gourmet kitchen etc…

This property is zoned – cultivation special use and the owner has gone through the permitting process and is now in the final stage of sign off on the property. As new owners come in to purchase the property, the owner and partner can do the final sign off and new owners will walk into a property with permits in hand.

There is a man made lake on the property and an upgraded well with new plumbing and new pump 35 GPM. The well is shared with neighbors and there is ample water. Neighbors are all cannabis friendly.

There is residential power and AG power at the property 480/277.

Structures on the property include a 18 x 30 barn.

Two shipping containers that are 40 ft and 20 ft.

Two RV trailers connected to septic and power.

Greenhouse that is 20 x 60 and the permit for cultivation will allow for 3 more of these.

There are over 200 gallon and 20 gallon pots that will be included in the sale, along with a trimming machine and lights.

The LLC that the permit was applied under will transfer with the property.

There is also another permit coming through on the property for an additional 1200 sq ft home.

The driveway is all paved and entrance to the property is gaged.

The 3 acre cultivation garden area is all fenced in with a motion detector.

A lot line adjustment is possible in the future for a second APN, should new owners want.

Lease Option to purchase/owner carry is negotiable with significant down payment

Santa Cruz Area Vertically Integrated Property – Cultivation, Manufacturing & Distribution with Custom Home, Santa Cruz
53 acres

“Los Angeles will become the marijuana capital.”

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420 Estates is the premier real estate and strategic business resource provider for the cannabis industry. We pride ourselves in making available to our clients the necessary insight, property, and resources to be successful in growing their business. As more states become green, the demand for viable agricultural land will increase. Because of our understanding of the marijuana industry, our team of experts assists our clients in acquiring both short term and long term assets while making well-informed decisions about their business strategy.


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