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Two Parcels - 100 Plus Acres each

Both Properties are in Line for Major Use Cannabis Permits with Lake County

If your vision is to get set up with a cannabis property at a low entry fee, then one or both of these parcels, could be ideal for you.  These two parcels border each other. 

There are two wells. One is brand new and needs a pump installed. 

Easy access road up Sky High Ridge from Morgan Valley Rd

Biological & Archeological Reports Done

Applications in line for Major Use Permit - Pre- App Meeting Completed

Off Grid - bring your solar and/or generators

Campers or RV's 

10 year lease with two ten year options

Full Control of the property to build out structures and cannabis farm with your particular plans in mind

$150,0000 down and lease payment with each harvest to be negotiated between owner & tenant

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