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Dana Wallace is not your average real estate broker. Although she has over sixteen years of experience in the typical aspects of investment real estate sales, her unique niche is anything but traditional.


Dana is the owner of Giving Tree Real Estate Group, a firm that specializes in legally compliant cannabis properties. Recognizing this underserved market and the increasing acceptance of cannabis usage, she has positioned herself to be the cannabis community's trusted broker. Unlike other brokers, Dana understands the industry and works with integrity to find compliant facilities. 


Prior to attaining her broker’s license and starting her own company, Dana studied and received her medical science degree at Los Medanos College, then completed paralegal studies at St. Mary’s College of California.

Dana’s expertise and success has been well-documented in several media arenas. She was featured on CNBC’s documentary with Marcus Lemonis from the show, The Profit, as a leading force in the California Cannabis real estate industry, and has appeared on several national broadcasts as a specialized property broker for cannabis growers.


Dana’s passion in the cannabis industry has evolved into expanding her company to offer compliance services, more staff, as well as cannabis accounting and financing options.


When she is not engaged with the demands of her career or humanitarian projects, Dana enjoys cooking, listening to music, boating and entertaining friends and family.


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