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It’s not about about stuffy suits and cubicles necessarily, it comes down to you! Who are you? Are you an investor looking for opportunities? Are you a start up? Are you a cultivator with a resume of experience? Are you a scientist? Do you have an amazing product? Have you found a space for your Cannabis related business and need help with funds? Perfect.

The thing is, each of the above is key to forming important teams. One has funds, one has experience. One has a space, one is looking for a space. The most important part of all of this and to begin important conversations is to let that potential partner know who you are and what you bring to the table.

My two cents… for whatever it’s worth, is to pull together a brief bio with your image, or a logo, or a picture of your product. This doesn’t have to be agonized over, just something to let the other party know who you are, what you do and why you would make a good fit. Tell your story and your why in a brief paragraph or two. People love to know who they’re working with and they want to make sure there’s synergy with common goals. Have important documents ready, permits, licenses etc…

If you’re an investor, once an introduction has been made, be prepared to show how you are able to show up financially, so that the person who is sharing sensitive information about their location of their property or their product feels comfortable sharing this with you. Most of the time, a non-disclosure between the parties is the first step, but then each part of this potential partnership needs to feel comfortable with the other and the conversation they are about to have.

If you’re looking for an investor, have that bio ready. Are you a professional who knows what they’re doing? Show it!

We are all still navigating our way through this emerging Cannabis market and there are many unknowns. There will be mistakes and challenges, but coming together and working with the utmost transparency is key to huge success!