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Dana Wallace grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and has been in Real Estate for over 14 years. Navigating her way through years of Real Estate’s up and down markets has taught her that if you do what you love, then you’ve won.  She has never been willing to give this passion up and so her journey has brought her to work in some not so traditional aspects of real estate.

As a Cannabis advocate, her true passion is to bring light to what this miracle plant can do for healing and holistic purposes.  There is so much stigma surrounding Cannabis. She is happy to be able to educate and bring a whole new light to what this plant actually stands for.   From children with epilepsy to pain management for adults and PTSD treatment for our veterans, this is not only what she centers her career around, but is proud to be able to align her real estate brokerage specifically to Cannabis properties.

 By supporting property owners and property buyers who want to share and become involved in this new environment of Cannabis legalization, she is getting to do what she loves.

 Highlighting hard working Cannabis craft farmers who have gone through many challenges to get their properties set up to be legally compliant and being able to present these properties to buyers is exciting.  Each property is unique and has a story, that’s important.  When you can relate the person, who is on that property and what they have created with that property to the buyer, it’s priceless. 

For the buyers entering or expanding into the Cannabis industry, it’s exciting to learn their acquisition goals.  From land with greenhouse, industrial warehouses, retail spaces, and buildings are that are correctly zoned for Cannabis businesses of all types, Dana brings a level of knowledge that is unmatched in the industry. 

It’s critical for her to be able to relay the details of why that property is legally compliant, what the status of the local municipality is with their ordinances and then continue on to the status of the state approval for that property, as well.  If she doesn’t know the answer, she can get it and works tirelessly to present the properties with details that are important to a prospective buyer. 

With the utmost integrity and true desire to help people, you can bring your Cannabis Related business or property goals to her and she will work very hard to help you achieve them.  Whether you’re selling a business or property or looking for one, she works to create an experience for you during the process and never treats it as a transaction.  Her resources also include investors who are looking for opportunities in this space and she can possibly help you to find the funding to help grow your idea or your current business.

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